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"The Kids, Wealth and Consequences session at the Family Business magazine/Stetson University April 2010 "Transitions" conference received high marks from attendees for its valuable content presented in an engaging format. It over delivered on expectations.”

Barbara Spector,


Family Business magazine


“Morris and Pearl provide insights that are beneficial to all generations, share stories from families that are easy to relate to, and provide hundreds of tips, tools and recommended resources.”

Jill Shipley,

GenSpring Family Offices


Meet Family Wealth/Financial Parenting Experts

Richard Morris & Jayne Pearl

Rich and Jayne bring complementary skills and experience to their engagements. Rich, with more than a decade consulting with affluent families, has helped clients navigate the dark side of wealth. Jayne, a business journalist for 30 years and financial parenting workshop presenter (based on her previous book Kids and Money), has helped families understand their connections to and values around money.

Today’s affluent families struggle with the realization that wealth can fuel dysfunction. Money can provide education, comfort, travel and exposure to high culture, couture and cuisine. But money can also paralyze people and rob them of ambition and meaning.

Jayne and Rich address these and other issues in their keynotes, workshops, financial boot camps, and customized engagements.


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