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Parents, Wealth and Consequences:
Addressing Parents’ Most Pressing Problems

Living in the high net worth environment present parents many challenges in bringing up their children with the proper balance and values surrounding their affluence. This workshop provides a safe, open and comfortable forum for exploring different approaches, strategies and tactics to navigate the often confusing parenting minefield specific to the wealthy.

Jayne and Rich offer three different two- to four-hour workshops or one all-inclusive one- to three-day conference to explore the financial parenting questions wealthy parents have.  These workshops explore the Kids, Wealth & Consequences model based on Financial, Intellectual, and Spiritual/Emotional Choices and focus on helping parents avoid the unintended consequences that wealth can impose on their children, including uncontrolled spending, trust fund babies, lack of direction, ambition, and self esteem that often leads to dependence, entitlement, conspicuous consumption and/or guilt about being born into a rich family.

The Kids, Wealth & Consequences model presents choices and tools to help ground and balance children, and impart a strong work ethic, counter their sense of entitlement, prevent them from remaining dependent, help them separate their identity from their wealth, develop confidence in themselves, instill a desire to give back to society, and develop into good stewards of their wealth for future generations. 

Workshop 1 -- Financial Choices explores these commonly asked questions:

Workshop 2 -- Intellectual Choices explores these commonly asked questions:

This workshop helps parents construct their own values-based learning tools:

  • Five financial values
  • Family foundations
  • Real-time investing
  • Spontaneous learning time
  • Financial boot camps and other learning programs
  • Games

Workshop 3 -- Spiritual/Emotional Choices explores these commonly asked questions:

Workshop 4 -- All Inclusive Conferences spend one-to-three days to address all the questions described above.  We fully customize each conference to your group’s unique needs.

We are also happy to customize workshops using any combination of the questions, issues and tools described above.