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Advisors, Wealth and Consequences:
Providing New Value-Added Services for Your High Net Worth Clients

Getting Inside the Head of Your High Net Worth Clients
Investment managers, wealth advisors, tax consultants, family office professionals, trust and estate lawyers, accountants, psychologists, managers and agents of professional athletes and celebrities each provide expertise in one or a few disciplines that help them guide wealthy clients through some specialized piece of the wealth puzzle.  This workshop helps advisors of all stripes better understand a broad perspective, beyond their areas of expertise, of the many challenges and choices their clients confront.  Professionals of all stripes will come away with value-added tools and techniques that they can translate into services that will better serve their clients.

Do you and your firm know what it is like to be a high net worth individual?  Even if you are not in the same wealth bracket as your clients, to effectively advise your high net worth clients, you need to understand the way they tend to think and feel.

High net worth clients face complex financial and succession issues.  The decisions they make have high stakes both financially and emotionally for their family.  The advice and plans you present them needs to be sensitive to their values and the legacy they want to leave behind.

Jayne and Rich have designed a two-hour to full-day workshop that puts you in the high net worth investor’s head.  This workshop will present case studies, research and tools based on our book Kids, Wealth & Consequences, that will ask you to put yourself in your clients’ shoes by using the Kids, Wealth & Consequences model of Financial, Intellectual, and Spiritual/Emotional choices.  Our workshop will challenge you to consider how you would answer the most common questions wealthy people struggle with every day.