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Adults, Sudden Wealth and Consequences:
Avoiding Hidden Pitfalls

Sudden Wealth Can Cause Sudden Problems
About 78 percent of former NFL players have gone bankrupt by the time they have been retired for two years, and about 60 percent of former NBA players go broke with in five years of retirement.  Also the majority of lottery winners go bankrupt with in 5 years.  Professional athletes, celebrities and others who acquire sudden wealth desperately need guidance from professional managers and agents, team managers and other professionals.  Your clients need guidance to be more responsible and savvy in how they invest, save and spend the substantial sums they acquire in a short time.. This workshop will help your clients to understand the “business of wealth.”

Athletes, celebrities, lottery winners, or anyone who comes into sudden fame and fortune will encounter a new environment that will be foreign to most and difficult to navigate for even the most well-adjusted person.

Fame and fortune often bring out family, friends, philanthropists, wannabe entrepreneurs in need of seed capital, investment advisors and a long list of people with outstretched hands.  Guilt, generosity, lack of investment acumen, and enthusiasm about new-found wealth often lead to bad decisions that drain the fortune before its owner has a chance to truly understand its power and limitations.  In addition, often sudden wealth leads to conspicuous consumption and out-of-control spending.

Give recent recipients of sudden wealth one more gift:
A “Sudden Wealth Workshop”

Sponsor a special one- to two-day program for your clients who are joining the ranks of the high net worth community to understand the wonderful position they are in, and at the same time understand the dark side of the wealth.  Using the research and customizing a set of techniques, case studies and tools, based on their bookKids, Wealth & Consequences,our program will help your clients explore: